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1. ALPIHA INVESTMENT AND PROPERTIES vision is to provide a quiet, respectable, neat and comfortable residence to its customers. By signing this agreement, purchasers have agreed not to make noise.

2. The c1ient is entitled to start developing the land only after payment of 50% of the value of the Plot (s)

3. Two copies of the documentation shall be given to the purchaser when property is developed to lintel level, the rest being retained by vendor until full payment is made by the purchaser.

4. The Vendor Warrants that it has d is closed all information affecting the Land including but not limited to its root of title and the purchaser shall be deemed to have raised all objections to the title of vendor and has conducted the necessary searches at the lands commission to satisfy him/herself of the vendor’s title to the land.

5. 1 the Vendor shall cause to be executed a Deed of Assignment vesting Land in the purchaser hereinafter the final payment of the purchase price. The Assignment shall be prepared for the purchaser at a fee.

6. The land is believed to be and shall be taken as correctly described and any incorrect statement, error or omission which may be discovered in the schedule, site plan, conditions of sales Assignment shall not annul the sale.

7. The par ties agree that this agreement shall be personal to the purchaser arid it shall not be capable of assignment to a third party and vendor shall not be under any obligation to give his consent to effect any assignment of the property to anyone other than the purchaser. However any third party or assignee shall be bound by this agreement.

8. Any dispute, disagreement arising out of this agreement shall first be submitted to an Arbitrator mutually agreed upon by the parties and in accordance with the Arbitration Act 196 l(Ac138) and any statutory modification thereof.

9. Purchasers of these plots are expected to commence development as soon they paid half of the

purchase price of the plot. .

10. If the purchaser defaults any installment payment for any one month without any default on the part of the vendor, there is a breach of contract and he/she will pay up the outstanding installment with 7% interest per month.

11. If the purchaser is in default of installment payment of 3month continuous, there is a breach of contract and the following will he applied:

i. the vendor shall give 10 days’ notice in writing requiring the purchaser to pay  the outstanding

Installment with 10% Interest per month.

Failure to comply with 6(i) the vendor shall be entitled to enter and repossess the land

12. If purchaser decides to withdraw from this sale a n d purchase agreement after land allocation has been made to him/her and demands a refund of his/her money without any default on the part of the vendor, then the Purchaser will have to find a buyer for the land (s) allocated to him/her in order to realize his/her money. Il. vendor shall be entitled to bring action against the purchaser for breach of contract.

13. 1f the purchaser decides to withdraw from this agreement after the payment of a deposit and/or installment prior to allocation or reallocation of a plot to him/her and demands a refund of his/her money without any default on the of the vendor then vendor shall be entitled to retain twenty percent (20%) of any payment made by the purchaser and refund the balance to him/her within six month.

14. In case of eventualities such as injection, dispute etc.. on the said land, clients shall be relocated new site or as a last resort, would be given up to three (3) months to make a refund